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Posted by CM on February 09, 19101 at 17:41:35:
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Beware that the valve could be designed for shutoff and not for throttling (adjustment). If the valve has a round wooden handle, this is a strong possibility. Using a gate valve to throttle flow will damage the valve over time, and you will not be able to shut it off leak-free if you have to.

And your system may be piped in series, i.e. with water flowing out of one radiator and into another in a single line. If this is the case, throttling flow at one radiator will reduce water flow in all of the radiators in that series.

If your radiators are piped in parallel, what you want is a thermostatic control valve. These are made by several companies including Taco and Danfoss, and have a dial adjustment and a thermostatic element. You can get them with the element and dial either built into the top of the valve or remote mounted. These valves will adjust flow in response to the room temperature. They are relatively inexpensive and do not require an electrical connection.

: I have the old style hot water heaters and Want to flush the system or bled the system. I was told this might help them work more efficiently. I want to adjust the one radiator because the room is small and the room gets too hot. There is a big round adjusment valve but it is jammed and I am not sure wich way to turn it to adjust for less heat. I am thinking fo using a pipe wrench to get it to move but want to make sure I jam turning in the right direction. Thank you for all of your help and time.

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