Noisy Humming Pipes
Posted by clogue on February 09, 19101 at 17:19:21:
I have a new home that was finished in September 2000. About 4 months after we moved in

(so, Dec 2000), we began to hear a short high-pitched humming sound when we would flush a

toilet very early in the morning -- the "first flush of the day." 3 months after this

sound was first detected, this humming has grown into a more widespread problem. Now,

every toilet in the house makes this loud, long (15 - 20 seconds) high-pitched hum every

time we flush -- except when we have recently flushed or run the shower. The showers now

also cause this problem when they are the first shower of the day and when you don't

flush the toilet prior to running the shower. The Kitchen sink also causes this sound ---

usually when you are filling a large pot and when no water has been run in the house for

about 8 hours. We have all copper plumbing, all water pipes have been foam insulated by

us during construction. We have an unfinished basement. And our toilets are Gerber with

the Sloan ultraflush inside -- this is a pressure assisted flushing mechanism that is not

powered by electric. The house is 4000 sq feet with 3.5 baths,three utility tubs, 4 hose

bibs, and a separate water meter for the irrigation system. We had the water pressure

checked on all hosebibs, and all are at 55 - 60 psi. What could be the problem? The

plumber doesn't know!! Need help in Raleigh, North Carolina!

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