Re: Stuborn bathtub drain removal
Posted by Tom Fetherston on February 09, 19101 at 10:13:01:
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Got it out!! The key was an application of acetone to the stainer (with the hole plugged) so that the mastic softened up> Then a stainer removal tool that engaged the spokes got it turning. I would not recommend this if you have plastic pipes though (mine were brass).

H.J. idea might have worked, but:
a) I feared for the enamel.
b) I want to use the existing pipes, the threads would probably be messed up.

On my second question, I'm debating whether to go "bare" and just use gaskets, or to use a sealant. The tub opening is deeply beveled, but I've seen thicker gasket that include a bevel at Home Depot. That and all the goop my X-brother-in-law used may have been part of the problem.

: : Any tips, tools to get this out? It's brass into brass on an cast iron tub.
: : Additionally, what should I use as sealant for the new drain ( a toe pop-up), anything underneath other than the rubber sealing ring?

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