bathtub drain connection
Posted by Dale on February 08, 19101 at 16:17:59:
I am putting ceramic tile in my bathroom which will raise the floor 1/2 inch. We live in an old victorian style house. My clawfoot bathtub drain is connected at the floor level to a 1-1/4 inch lead drain pipe which leads nearly straight down to the main sewer drain in a crawl space under the bathroom. This will not allow me to raise the top end of the drain pipe the half inch I need to reconnect. Can I put a threaded nipple through the floor and cut off the top end of the lead pipe to reach the nipple? Is there a wrap-around coupling of some sort to connect the two ends? I've heard of such things but don't know what to call them or where to get them. I live close to Omaha, NE where there is a Home Depot? Is that an option? Thanks

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