Polybutylene system; acetal plastic or metal fillings (which are more prone to fail?)
Posted by Jed on February 08, 19101 at 16:08:04:
The polybutylene system fittings in our Virginia home are almost 18 years old without ever leaking. Just wondering if the acetral plastic insert fittings are more prone to fail than the metal insert fittings. Also, do polybutlene systems fail at the fittings because of poor quality installation techniques by the plumber? Or do these systems usually fail by the pipes themselves splitting open? I know the eligibility periods and filing deadlines have long passed for my system. Several of my neighbors and I had all had our homes replumbed by the same plumber due to copper pipe pin hole problems within three years of each other. None of us have experienced leaking polybutlene systems to date. BTW, we are all on private well water systems. Thanks for any posts.