Leaky kitchen faucet
Posted by Ken Simonds, replies by hj, Ahrmand, and Terry on November 01, 1998 at 12:39:39:

My kitchen faucet has been leaking (very slowly and very aggravating) for over a month. What would be the most common items to try to fix this problem?

You would have to specify the make and model for us to give you advice. The repair parts could range from .50 to 30.00 depending on the faucet. hj

Ken:--Your post didn't mention the age of the dripping faucet or what kind it is. There are times when it makes more economic sense to replace the faucet rather than repair it. It is easy to invest the cost of a new faucet in the repair of an older model that will still be an older model when the repair is completed. It is in most cases easier to replace a faucet than to overhaul an existing one. Locating the right parts can be a real hassle even for an experienced service man. Lots of luck with the faucet.......Ahrmand

Good point. I like to replace kitchen faucets over twenty years old. Sometimes the spout has so much wear that after time, it will start becaming a repair magnet. Terry

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