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Posted by marty on February 08, 19101 at 14:00:45:
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: The fitting I want to use is a simple 1/2" sweat joint on one end and a female threaded joint (inside) and six-sided nut (outside) on the other (just like the one you describe without the 90 degree bend and the screw holes). I have the pipe secured with a clips inside the wall so don't need the lug ell.

: I still don't know how to solder the female fitting on to the copper pipe so that the tap doesn't leak AND faces the right direction (forward). The only thing I've come up with is to dry fit the fitting and tape with teflon tape and tighten enough that I know it won't leak when installed, mark the position of the fitting, take it apart, and sweat it on with the mark facing forward, and put the tap back on. Seems like a lot of work and I just thought this must be something "real plumbers" do all the time and there must be a simple trick or convention I'm missing...

: FYI, the three diamonds I mentioned are on the outside of the fitting and on one of the sides of the six-sided section you use to hold the fitting with a wrench to put the tap on (man, this is way tougher to describe than to show someone...). They may be a manufacturers stamp, but it sure seems they're there for more than decoration.

: Russ.

: : : I'm installing water supply lines for a laundry room and would like to use sweat fittings wherever possible so nothing ever leaks :-) I'm putting in a wash machine outlet box and would like to install female threaded fittings on the end of the 1/2" copper and then attach the taps to these (sweating the taps onto the pipe would be my first choice but isn't possible because I'd melt the outlet box plastic). So here's my question...

: : : How do I install the female threaded fitting (FIP I think it's called) so that the when I install and tighten the tap, I have the tap facing forward AND tight enough not to leak. I notice there are three diamonds stamped in the side if the female fittings and I'm wondering if this is used to know how the fitting should be installed when soldering.

: : : I've looked in countless books and can't find an answer to this seemingly simple question.

: : : Thanks in advance,
: : : Russ
: : You are looking for a fitting known in the trase as a lug ell or better known as a 1/2" copper x female drop ear 90. this has two screw holes built right into it so you can anchor it to the wall, we use these alot for shower head connections in the wall.
RUSS, Just sweat the female adapter on the pipe. after it cools just tighten the valve up to the point where you need it, we don't have a science to this it's all done by feel.....just do it

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