Basement toilet/sink
Posted by Mike, reply by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing, Inc. on November 01, 1998 at 12:33:12:
Background, home built in 1940 w/one main stack/vent which is used for main floor toilet, sink and shower. Stack is cast iron. Want to add toilet and sink in the basement, right next to the existing stack. Have excavated around stack and cleanout in basement floor. Cast iron stack is connected to 6 inch clay drain tile with cement. Want to remove section of cast iron stack above floor level and remove portion of clay drain below basement floor in order to accomodate new pvc drain. Can I add two y's to the new pvc drain (where the clay drain tile was), one for the toilet and one for the new sink without having to vent? That is, will the main stack act as a vent because it is close enough or do I need to add a vent in line with the new toilet drain and likewise with the sink drain. The toilet drain will be less than two feet from the main drain (old clay drain tile). Any help would be appreciated.

Mike:--Plan on cutting in a wye in the new PVC line, and run straight toward where the the toilet is going to be located and roll a 3"X 2" wye up on a 45 degree angle 3' in front of the closet bend(toilet location). Run a two inch line and turn it up in the area where the lavatory is going to be. Install a 1 1/2" sanitary tee on this 2" line approx. 17" above the finished floor level and in the proper orientation for connection to the lav sink later on. You can continue the 2" vent line up through house and tie it to the main stack before it goes through the roof, or you can find a more creative means to vent the new 1/2 bath. Don't even think of using the existing drainage line (soil stack) from upstairs as your vent for the project in the basement..Lots of luck with your project Bud

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