Re: Underground Water Line; what material?
Posted by MARTY on February 08, 19101 at 12:39:25:
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: I want/need to run a water line from the crawl space of the house (standard copper pipes) out to a backyard pool, burying the pipe 36-48 inches underground, terminating with standard outdoor faucet. This will keep me from having hoses running all the way out to pool.

: Live in a winter climate, so it will freeze/thaw; no big deal as line would be shut off/drained/blown out as part of pool closing.

: My question is what material to use in buried section of water line; I'm guessing burying copper not such a hot idea. PVC, maybe? Will copper-to-PVC joint and PVC piping/joints be able to withstand constant water pressure in lines?

: thanks

rolled "k" copper is fine for underground. though you can also use rolled poly piping there are adapters to go to each material, you are best off going to your local plumbing supply to make sure you get all the right materials the first time. also consider using a yard hydrant for 42" burial depth this is a long pipe with a garden hose connecter on it that also drains out automaticlly when you turn the water off to the hose thus saving you from witerizing if you came out of the ground with a regular silcock.

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