Re: Stuborn bathtub drain removal
Posted by hj on February 08, 19101 at 07:31:48:
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Knock out all the spokes and make two cuts through the flange and down the inside of the chrome piece. Make them 1/8" to 1/4" apart and then use a small chisel to remove that strip. Then you can use the little chisel to bend the rest together to close up the 1/4" groove and it will unscrew by hand.

: I got a leak that I finally tracked down to the tub drain. I need to remove the drain and replace it and the seals. Problem is that it's been in there 18 years and doesn't want to unscrew. I've already knocked off one of the spokes going to the screw hole for the drain strainer.
: Any tips, tools to get this out? It's brass into brass on an cast iron tub.
: Additionally, what should I use as sealant for the new drain ( a toe pop-up), anything underneath other than the rubber sealing ring?

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