Re: kitchen vent stack being re-routed?
Posted by hj on February 08, 19101 at 07:26:16:
In response to Re: kitchen vent stack being re-routed?
I would offset the vent stack at a point just below the window. Offsetting the drain portion just above the floor is just asking for future problems with stoppages.

: We are thinking of installing a much wider kitchen window where our current one exists.
: Just to the left of the existing window is the vent stack, which also connects to the
: washing machine beneath it in the basement.

: Question - can we reroute the vent stack itself at the kitchen floor level, so that it turns
: 90 degrees horizontally, runs about 2' to the left of the sink, then turns vertical again to run
: alongside the new window height, then turns 90 degrees horizontally again above the window
: and finally connects to the existing top piece of the vent stack that runs through the roof?

: Or should the length of the vent stack itself be completely vertical?

: Thanks for any input!

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