yo, how do i adjust water pressure in my house?
Posted by Chief Wiggum on February 07, 19101 at 22:48:28:
hello. under my water heater there is a 1/4 turn ball valve that shuts water off to my house. downstream of that is an adjustable water pressure regulator. it has a 1/2 (or 13 mm) hex head bolt coming out of it. then there is another "jam" nut behind the bolt head. i would assume to adjust the water pressure higher i should move the "jam" nut out (up against the bolt head) then screw the bolt head in. i have locked the "jam" nut back out up against the bolt head and tried to screw the bolt in. i have made probably 20 revolutions and cant tell any difference at all in water pressure. is this the correct procedure for raising my water pressure or do i just already have as much as i can for my water line coming in from the street. it seems kinda low pressure to be "city water". if someone replies to this please tell me EXACTLY how to adjust the jam nut and bolt head to increase pressure. thanks a ton in advance.

Chief Wiggum

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