sweating windows
Posted by Bob, reply by Terry on November 01, 1998 at 11:50:27:
This doesn't have anything to do with any of the topics here,but I thought someone might be able to help me,anyway. I live in a 30+ year old home. I have single pane windows with aluminum storms. Depending on the weather and humidity as it gets colder,my windows sweat on the inside. Is this just the way it is, or is there a relativley inexpensive way for me to remedy this? I'm not looking for a miracle,just a little less dampness on the windows. I just installed a new bay,vinyl,double insulated and its wet too. So,I'm assuming it's dampness in the house. Does anyone think a de-humidifier would work? Thanks in advance.

Things to check:
1) Where is the dryer vented? Dryers extract a lot of water out of clothes, this moisture should be vented outside.
2) Does the crawl space have a vapor barrier? A dry, well vented crawl space will help.
3) All bathrooms should have fans. The fans should be used with every shower. Windows don't cut it.
4) When all else fails, try the dehumidifier.

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