The Dripping Toilet Again...
Posted by Reilly, reply by A. Friend on November 01, 1998 at 11:48:14:
I think I have figured out what the problem is with my toilet that has a very tiny leak. I have replaced the water
supply line and the washer that fits under the pump so it isn't coming from those two places. When I turn the
water supply off a small amount of water will slowly drip out of the water supply pipe. I am guessing it is some part
with the spigot - maybe a washer or something. Even when I have the water supply pipe off and the water is
turned off a small amount of water drips out of the the little opening that you would attach the water supply pipe to - so
it has to be coming from the turn off valve - I think. Do you know what part I should try to replace first?

Reilley:--- It is not unusual to have a refill tube that is inserted to far down the overflow tube. If the ballcock is not an anti-siphon type, it will allow water to siphon ever so slowly from the tank down the overflow tube.
Check it out....A. Friend...

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