Re: Fixing your own faucets is a lost art
Posted by CM on February 06, 19101 at 13:47:55:
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But which is better? Anyone handy with tools can replace a faucet cartridge, and in the old washer days, in a given house with 3-4 faucets, there always seemed to be one that dripped. By the time you got around to that one, another was dripping...

... and I remember points and distributors... I'll take my new car anyday, needs a tuneup about every 3/4 of an eon, and always starts on the first crank.

... but I guess I do miss small block Chevys that you could rebuild in a weekend. I'm afraid to touch anything under my hood now, beyond changing my oil.

: And once upon a time, you could replace the points and condenser in a distributor and change the spark plugs and that would be an engine tune up. My, how times have changed.

: : Jim wrote a nice article about faucets, the link below has the full story.

: : Advent of the washerless cartridge in 1947 seen as progress by most plumbers

: : Beacon Journal staff writer

: : Once upon a time, not so many years ago, it was easy for any amateur to repair leaking faucets.

: : The job could be done with a screwdriver and a wrench. All you needed to do was replace an inexpensive little rubber washer. The job took five minutes, You could find instructions in any decent how-to book.

: : My, how times have changed.

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