Re: Non-Plumbed Basement idea - will it work?
Posted by CM on February 06, 19101 at 07:13:48:
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No, you are not creating a new low point after all. Just make sure that the tee you use is a drain fitting (the tee connects with a sweep in the direction of flow, in your case down) and not a vent (straight tee) fitting. But be aware that if you have any backup/slow drainage problems at your main drain, this toilet will be the first fixture to back up.

: One more thing - when i said bottom of drain, what I meant was connecting a 'T' to the verticle pipe coming down from the ceing from the upper level toilet, putting the 'T' just before it goes into the slab.

: : Don't connect to the bottom of an existing drain. You would be creating a new low point for your system. You must pitch down (at least 1/4" per foot) to either level or above the existing drain line. Consider a sewage ejector if it's real important for you to add this to your basement.

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