metal rimmed sink for home owned by Elvis Presley
Posted by Cindy, replies by hj and Terry on November 01, 1998 at 11:17:02:
I'm remodeling a 50's ranch house that has some historical significance. This was the first home Elvis bought just prior to Graceland. We would like to keep the hosue as original as possible. My question is, the original kitchen sink was standard porcelain with a metal rim around the sink and on the counter. Since the sink that is there now needs replacing, is it possible to put in the 50's style sink? Any suggestions for getting that metal rim look?

Almost every manufacturer makes a flat rim sink and there are many manufacturers of the rims. You do not have a problem

Mansfield makes several metal rimed sinks.

Porcelain-on stell, flat rim double sink
The rim is sold separately

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