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Posted by CM on February 05, 19101 at 18:37:18:
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If you are looking for a permanent solution, a 3/4" line is not it. Bite a slightly larger bullet and run the discharge from the dishwasher into a 1-1/2" trap as close as possible to the dishwasher. This should be set up as an "indirect waste", i.e. piped into an open waste with a tee above the trap (see diagram). Drywall work is easy compared to doing dishes for the rest of your life or (worse) rupturing the 1/2" pipe while trying to blow it out.

_ <-- Open End (as high as practical
| above tee connection)
|------<----- dishwasher drain
1-1/2" ---<----, | tee
to basement | |
(__) trap

: When I moved in to my home, the dishwasher had a
: 3/8 od water supply line and a 1/2 inch copper
: drain thru the floor down to the basement. It
: didn't go to a disposal because the dishwasher is
: not next to the sink. Now this 1/2 inch drain is
: slow draining. The drain is too narrow for a
: snake and must have a clog at or near either of
: the two or three 90 degree bends. It goes thru
: some finished areas of the basement, so I hate
: to break into the drywall. Can the line be blown
: out with air pressure? Or, should I bite the
: bullet and install a 3/4 or larger pvc drain
: instead. Thanks for your ideas.

: Mark

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