Radiant hot water heat
Posted by Bob on February 05, 19101 at 16:57:32:
My son is buying a slab built home(2 story) that now has electric baseboard heat. He would like to install a different type of heating system,preferably hot water baseboard. He came across a product(don't remember the manufacturer)that can be installed in a pre-existing home of this type. It's a 2 pipe system that runs along the walls with very flush,thin covers. Looks good,but was wondering how easily these actually install. Has anyone seen or had anything to do with installing these systems? I'm sure they warm a home as well as any conventional hot water system,but was also wondering how trouble free they are. Supposedly the boiler is very small(compared to the conventional type)but in the brochure there appeared to be a number of valves at the control station. Anyone?? If I'm too vague,I'll see if I can get the name and possibly a website.

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