Possible excessive gas usage by water heater
Posted by Max on February 05, 19101 at 08:32:22:
Our hot water heater started leaking after 8 years
of use. We had it replaced by a similar model
(40gal, same BTU) by the same company (A.0.Smith)
on November 20th, 2000. Since then we have the
sensation that there isn't as much hot water as with
the previous water heater. Additionally, I received
a gas bill of over $400 last month. I went back and
compared our gas usage with the previous year and
this is what I found.

Usage Period 10/01-11/01 11/01-12/01 12/01-01/01

Usage (CCF) 61 173 275

Usage Period 10/15-11/15 11/15-12/15 12/15-01/15

Usage (CCF ) 71 132 167

Before I got the large gas bill we had complained
to the plumbing company that installed it on two
occassions (we noticed some water leaking from the
new one). They explained that the sensation of
not enough water was due to the colder winter this
year. Since the water coming into the house was colder it takes longer to reheat after draining the tank.
The leak was explained as condensation. While both
explanations seem plausible, the difference in
gas usage is so startling compared to the previous
year that I can't help but be suspicious. Also, we
never seem to have had the sensation of not enough
hot water in the previous 8 winters with the old
water heater.

Could there be something wrong with the water heater
that could explain this (the jump in gas usage
coincides with the installment of the new water

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