Non-Plumbed Basement idea - will it work?
Posted by Rob Ehret on February 04, 19101 at 21:52:16:
I have a the typical non-plubed basement problem, and would like to know if the following solutionis viable:

The toilet/shower I would install is within 5 feet of a main drain pipe which drains the 1st floor toilet. It's a 3" pipe.
I would like to build an elivated for the basement bath, elevating the toilet and shower stall maybe a foot or so,
then running the drain pipes under the elivated floor, connecting to the bottom of the nearby 3" drain pipe.
I have a vent pipe which is easily accessable, however, this vent pipe appears to vent out the side of the basement. Is that usable?

Given that I could build an elivated floor, how much slope is required for the shower/toilet to drain properly? That
would be the clincher, as it would determine how high I would have to elivate the floor.

Thanks for any help.


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