Converting tiled shower floor w/ pan liner to a fberglass pan.
Posted by Vic Hidalgo, reply by Bud... Suncoast Plumbing, Inc. on November 01, 1998 at 10:59:29:
I have removed all the mortar and rotten shower pan liner out of my shower stall bottom and 1 foot around it. My question is how will I mount or lay the prefabricated fiberglass bottom to the cincrete sub floor. And also my drain is not in the center where the fiberglass pan is. how can I reroute the drain i don't have that much room to put pipe elbows. can i raise up the pan with wood or mortar to accomodate the pipe elbows? thank you ... Vic..

Vic:---I'm sure that after all your hard work and expense to replace the shower, you don't want to have a Mickey Mouse Job when it's completed. If you don't have previous experience wuth this type of installation, there are a number of good "How To" books on the subject at most Home Centers.
Because precast shower bases don't give you any options on drainage location, you will need to move the drain and trap accordingly (breaking up the floor).
Then there is the problem of wall allignment with the geometry of the new shower base etc.
Have you considered the replacement of a 40 mil vinyl pan and a new second story drain. A little wonder board and tile and you'll be ready to rock and roll. Lots of luck...Bud

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