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Posted by Bud...Suncoast plumbing Inc. on February 04, 19101 at 19:36:26:
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Sherron: If you are not a glutton for punishment and hard work, you might consider finishing your
drywall a simpler way.
This simpler way will not give you a slick finished surface like troweled hard coat plaster.
It will give a very acceptable textured finish that is easy to produce without anything more than a plastering trowel.
Tape your joints in the usual way..bed the tape
so that no paper or fabric can be seen on the first day. When the joint compound is dry, knock
off any high points with a tape knife, and apply the second coat of mud to joints and corners.
Notice there was no sand pole work between coats, and none will be required if you're not to
sloppy on your second mud application.
When the second coat is dry, again knock off any really big wads and bumps of dry wall mud.
No need to sand anything...Paint the joints with
the color paint that you intend to be the finished
job (you can paint the entire room or ceiling if you wish)
Next step is done with no sanding too....
Mix equal parts drywall mud and paint that will be used for the final color of the work. Add to the paint and mud mix enough common sand box sand
to make it stiff enough to trowel, but thin enough to be easily applied.
The texure will look exactly like a plastered wall. The coarser the sand that you use, the more dramatic will be the result.
The sand is available in bags from most Home
Supply outlets. The use of sand blasting sand or
builders sand will give a much deeper Mediteranean look.
With just a little practice, you will throw away your sanding pole..dust mask and your hopper gun. You will have a better looking job in much less time and with a great deal less effort and perspiration.
The gritty finish coat will cover a multitude of sins and provide a really nice texture that can
only be seen in upscale homes.
When the texture coat is dry, roll on a finish coat of paint and admire your handiwork.
It is important to paint the drywall joints before the texture is applied...if you don't, the
gritty paint,mud and sand mixture will pile up to heavily on the porous joints and be noticeable in the finished product.
This works very well on ceilings as well, and it sure beats pop corn spraying. Wall and ceiling repairs can be made with no noticeable "Patch"
Lots of luck....Bud

I would like any advice on the following: We recently took out our paneling and under it was glue marks for days. i have scrapped the glue off, sanded and removed acoustic ceiling. I wanted to know where to start first. I would like the look in the newer houses, that have a medium smooth look to the walls and ceinlings. Also my hall is very roughly scalpeled so to speak with drywalling paint and then was painted. So what do I need to do there. I have a hopper drywall gun and the joint compound stuff to start, I also bought a pole sander and taping knife. Any suggestions where I go from here.

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