How do you replace a leaking modular shower stall drain?
Posted by Wayne, with reply by A Friend on November 01, 1998 at 10:56:57:
I've got a 20 yr. old modular shower stall. The drain was leaking up under the
flange. I really dont feel like tearing the whole thing out from it's tiled in corner
just to repair the drain. There was a lack og support under the drain and the weight
around it apparently loosened/stripped out the threads of the "nut" underneath.
I tore and cut and worked out the old steel drain kit and now I just have the PVC
drain elbow from the rough-in and the drain hole in the bottom of the fiberglass stall.
Here's the question...

How do I get a new Drain kit installed on this sucker?! Is there a hinged "nut" that I can
fold in half put through the hole with some adhesive backing to hold itself in place until
I get the new drain and gasket threaded? Do I have to get some access under the
damn thing to hold the new "nut" in place?
Any ideas?


Wayne:---Plan on getting a little access if you want to do a decent job on the repair. The access will allow you some room to push some morter mix up under the base to give it some support and stability. Otherwise you may have to do it again.
I like your idea RE: the hinged nut, I'm gonna work on that. A Friend

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