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Posted by Dick on February 03, 19101 at 12:22:07:
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Yes it would be easy to rig up. You could do it with a sprinkler system valve and a rain shutoff for $30. but..(there's always a "but") the system would have to detect a relatively small amount of water on the floor to be effective. this would mean frequent false shutoffs every time you mop the floor or take a hot steamy shower. frequent testing and maintenance to keep the contacts clean. extra plumbing to bypass this system when it quits and shuts off your water on sunday evening when all the hardware stores are closed. you would need to multiply this problem by the number of areas you want to protect, you'll need at least one sensor in each bath kitchen and laundry area. Toilets are not anymore likely to leak than any other faucet in your house.

This boils down to the same question you need to ask about any home security automation product. Is the extra convienience/security worth the extra maintenance/malfunction problem?

The answer for most people on a leak detector/shutoff is No. thats why they are not commonly available. There are leak detectors battery operated, that just sound an alarm when they detect water. they are relatively inexpensive and don't cause any inconvienient or expensive problems when they malfunction.

: Almost anything is available. The question is whether it would look nice enough for your purposes. The valve should be on the water line to the house so any break would shut off all the water.

: : My flooring was ruined recently when a toilet leak flooded our entire house. This occured because my house is on a slab, so the water ran through all the walls and pretty much totaled my floors. If the the leak could have been detetected the minute the bathroom floor became wet and an electrically controlled valve connected to the supply line would have shut off the supply line this disaster could have been prevented. I know this is possible. Is this system available to connect to the supply lines of toilets. I know it is possible to rig up the leak detector all you have to do is trigger it with the continuity of the water. But is the electrically controlled valve available? HELP. THANKS RICK

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