Frozen Outbound or Sewage Pipe?? or Blockage??
Posted by Sunny Gulati on February 03, 19101 at 01:09:32:

Hi, i'm having neat problems in my Trailer. I had a leaky faucet in the bathtub.. and then one night the water started collecting in the bathtub, didn't go down. The temperature had just gone down to -9 outside. After using the toilet, I flushed it, and IT didn't go down EITHER.
So, faced with the leaky faucet (still going), i turned off the water to the trailer (only one shutoff valve).
The next day the water level in the bathtub and the toilet dropped.. but when I tried to flush, or pour some water in the bathtub, it still stayed standing. Obviously, whatever drainage there was, wasn't much.

I'm not really sure if this is a blockage, or a frozen pipe. One drainage company says: If it flows at all, even a little (like it did that first day) its probably not a frozen pipe. However, if it started suddenly, then its probably not a drain blockage. Its only affecting outbound, which is kinda wierd, but possible.. maybe the heattape around the output line is malfunctioning.

Anyway, anticipating warmer temperatures tomorrow.. maybe a whole whopping 35! might be good enough to thaw stuff out.. If that doesn't do it, i'm thinking about calling RotoRooter. or a plumber. Whichever is cheaper.

Any opinions/ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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