Re: solder safety?
Posted by John Scates on February 02, 19101 at 19:16:17:
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Don't worry. The smell was probably the flux washing out. Flux helps clean the copper parts and make the solder flow and cover more evenly to ensure a strong, reliable connection. Most recently, efforts have been made to make the fluxes more water soluble so that they will flush out quickly. Thus, the noticeable smell that also went away so quickly.

As to the lead debate, you can't assume that because solder contains lead, it will dissolve and poison you. If it would dissolve that readily, your pipes would be falling apart in the walls as all the solder washed out. (And don't let a filter salesman scare you into special filter systems - if you are really concerned, have your water tested at an independent, reputable lab.)

I don't worry about the mecury in the fillings in my teeth either.

- John Scates

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