Re: prevent water flood
Posted by hj on February 02, 19101 at 08:38:19:
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Almost anything is available. The question is whether it would look nice enough for your purposes. The valve should be on the water line to the house so any break would shut off all the water.

: My flooring was ruined recently when a toilet leak flooded our entire house. This occured because my house is on a slab, so the water ran through all the walls and pretty much totaled my floors. If the the leak could have been detetected the minute the bathroom floor became wet and an electrically controlled valve connected to the supply line would have shut off the supply line this disaster could have been prevented. I know this is possible. Is this system available to connect to the supply lines of toilets. I know it is possible to rig up the leak detector all you have to do is trigger it with the continuity of the water. But is the electrically controlled valve available? HELP. THANKS RICK

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