joint c.. under jaccuzzi
Posted by pete, replies by Bud and Terry on November 01, 1998 at 10:38:10:

the plumber didnot have any plaster paris to pour on the floor to set the soaking tub on so he used 2 tubs of joint compound , its 3 days and still soft how long will it take to setup rock hard or was using joint c... the wrong way to go' need to know the tile man is coming soon and at this point its resting on the 4 tiles + piece of cardboard .; on the 4 corners help spud what can I do ? Pete

Pete:--Sounds to me like your going to have to take matters into your own hands. Explain the situation to the Tile Guy. He probably will have with him the proper materials to provide a solid base for your tub to rest on. "Flash Patch" or "Quick Set" would probably do the job, but to be on the safe side get the tub makers recommendation on the matter. Installation Instructions are generally supplied with this type of fixture.......lots of luck...Bud

Joint compound could takes days to dry and will shrink in the process. My choices are fixall or mortar.

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