Addition in MIDDLE of doublewide!?!?!
Posted by Bruce Westfall, reply by Bud, Suncoast Plumbing, Inc. on November 01, 1998 at 10:31:59:
We are buying some property and want to move our 28 x 48 double wide trailer. We definitely want a basement, the question is - How feasable would it be to put an 8 foot addition in the MIDDLE of the house?

I've got the roofline and floorplan figured out, I just want some advice on whether my mental state is okay to even consider this. Mike,

Bruce:---If you are a man possessing just average DIY abilities this job is certainly within your capabilities, and certainly feasable. You seem to have devoted considerable time to the details of the necessary construction. A basement in your Mobile Home will certainly make you the envy of your neighborhood.
As for your mental state...I think its' great.
But remember to stay on your medication until the construction is completed. To speed the project along, have you considered the use of a pre-fab basement? Lots of luck with your project....Bud.

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