Bathtub rust
Posted by Starman, answer by Bud, Suncoast Plumbing, Inc. on November 01, 1998 at 10:29:14:
my bathtub has developed a rust hole where the overflow plate used to be. The plate is still on, but the hole is much bigger than it needs to be. I've been told that there's no means of repair (tub is steel - not cast iron or plexi), and that replacement is a major (tiles out, wall rebuild) project. I won't elaborate on reason$ to $eek alternative $olution. Any $ugge$tion$? Starman

$tarman:---"Field expedients", and "Yankee Ingenuity" are the common denominators in all truly great and marvelous inventions in recorded History.
A small rust hole in a bath tub should not bring this National tradition to its' knees.
There are some things that are difficult to repair like like a "Broken Heart" or the "Crack of Dawn". But a holy bath tub should be no challenge for a man of your Heritage.
There are wonderful fiber glass repair kits that can be purchased at your friendly neighborhood Home Depot, that should take care of your tub problem. Read the instructions that comes with the kit, and a satisfactory repair is guaranteed. Your Great Grand Children will someday be bathed in that same tub that their Great Grand Pa repaired back in "98"..Lot$ of luck

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