Venting old kitchens and lavs
Posted by Mike, Terry on November 01, 1998 at 10:24:54:
I have a 100yr old home I just purchased. The venting is almost nonexistent. The only vent I find is the old 4" cast iron up through the roof. There is no end-of-the-line vents or loops at all. There have been vanities and another complete bath installed over the years and the drains, especially the toilet is v e r y... slow. Would the addition of "plumbers vents" under the kitchen sink and vanity help? It would be very difficult to get into the walls to vent anything.. and besides... all drains go down to the basement and don't even enter the walls.

The slow toilet may have problem with the trapway. I would remove and inspect the toilet, taking it outside to see if pails of water will flush quickly through when is set up on blocks. Many a toy or comb gets stuck in the lower regions of the trapways.

Under the counter "air emitters" will help unvented plumbing to drain better. Most plumbing codes that allow for their use require a vent within ten feet of the fixtures. However, as a homeowner trying to improve a 100 year old home with patched-in plumbing, the Studor type vent may be the way to go.

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