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Posted by Rick on January 31, 19101 at 09:41:47:
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This makes no sense. A 20000 grain unit would be running practically every other day at least, in turn wasting water and salt. These units backflush and lift the resin and stir it when they recharge the resin. Get a unit with a control that meters water usage. This is the most economical and will only recharge after a certain amount of water is used by the softener according to your settings (water hardness, people, etc.)You did the math correctly the first time. The resin will only remove so much hardness. The more resin, the more hardness that can be removed before having to go through the recharge cycle. "X" amount of salt is needed to recharge "X" amount of resin. Count the dishwasher as a "person" and figure 30 grains hardness total because of the iron content. A 48000 grain unit will get you about 1500 gallons before needing a recharge. Figure a person uses 60 gallons of water a week. This will get you at least 5 days between recharges, which is what you would want for most economical purposes. The 48000 grain unit will also give you some flexibility should you have guests and such.
Hope this helps.

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