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We are one of the largest manufacturer of thermoelectric cooling module and hot & cold water dispenser ,ion water dispenser in Bejing,P.R.China.Our TEC module was use by water cooler, laser diode cooler,CCD cooler,can cooler ,mini-gene,wine cooler and so on. Can supply you the lowest price and high quality TEC module,raw material (wafer,N&P legs)with electronplated of the TEC device and also supply you OEM about it.As a leading OEM supplier of thermoelectric cooling modules and hot&cold water coolers.We strive to offer the customers the high qulitiy solutions and lowest price.

Characteristics of Huayu Thermoelectric Cooling Module
High reliability and long life:

The cooling materials of TECM produced by Huayu Company are connected to the copper conductor tab by two shielding layers. Thus they can effectively aboid the diffusion of copper and other harmful elements, which enable TECMs to have longer use life. In addition, every cooling module is strictly tested and selected by the advanced instuments to guarantee its high quality. The life of TECM of Huayu Company can reach 300 thousand hours and more, and can stand the shock of the frequent change of current diretion.

Operation under high temperature:
The TECM of Huayu Company adopts a series of new soldering materials, which are very different from the low melting point sildering materials used by other domestic factories. The highest temperature of these soldering materials can stand the temperature as high as 125��, 150��,200��, and 300��, which are much higher than the standard of 70�� issued by the related electronic industry department of government. In addition, Huayu Company is striving to improve the TECM��s performance and enlarge its apply range.

Perfect Moisture Protection:
Every TECM has been subject to moisture protection treament, which is made in vacuum and with silicone coating. Thus it can effectively prevent water and moisture from entering the inside of TECM.

Various specifications:
Huayu Company has the tooling and equipment for producing various specifications of TECM, and has mature and advaced production technologies. We can produce various specifications of TECM with 7, 17, 23, 35, 47, 7 1, 95,127 and 161 electric couples, with the area of electric element from 1��1,1.4��1.4, 2��2 to 4��4 square millimeters, and with the current raning from 2A to 24A. In addition, Huayu Company can also produce other specifications of cooling module according to the special high power modules, in order to promote the application of thermoelectric cooling modules to wider fields. Huayu Company is now able to produce the modules with the power density that is two times and manufactured the double-stage high-power cooling modules with the temperature difference of more than 90��, with the cooling power of tens of watts. And the modules with low internal resistance(0.03��min) it has developed are suitable for theremoelectric generation.

Water cooler:

Our water cooler and ion water dispenser's cold water temperature could be down to 8 degree even lower.Because our water cooler's thermocouple cooling system is specially developed to to allow quick refrigeration and high efficiency.In a room temperature at 32C ,the temperature of 1.1 liters of water can be lowered from 25C to 15C in just 30 minutes.If you want to lower temperature than 8C ,there is a controler on the water cooler.You can control the cold water's temperature at your pleases.Please remember that our water cooler is not cooling by CFC(CFC-FREE).It has a specially designed exterior electric refrigeration mode is adopted.Its water container,made of a stainless steel tank,ensures the hygiene of the drinking water and reachs the requirements of environmental protection.

If you are interested in our products or more information about us please contact us by E_MAIL.Our company's E_mail:a_xu@163.net.Let me know your address in detail .I will send the brochure of our products to you if you want. And we also need the agent to develop our business in the world.

We look forward to recieving your early reply .

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