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Posted by John Scates on January 30, 19101 at 21:52:25:
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First off, it sounds like your disposal is clogged. Clean it out, checking not only the inside, but the drain line from the disposal to the undersink trap.

My Insinkerator has an allen-wrench (hex rod) fitting on the bottom center of the unit. With the proper sized allen tool, you can forcefully turn the unit by hand to break it loose when it has become too jammed for the motor to start (Do NOT do this when the motor is turned on!).

To fully clean it out, you may have to remove it. There is a flat plate, at the top of the unit underneath the sink, that has three places that a rod/tool can be inserted to unscrew it (only about 1/6 turn required) and release it from the sink. You may have drop it down to clean out the lines completely - but be ready for water to come rushing out.

The button is a reset button for when the motor overheats and shuts down. If you have to use it very often, your motor is probably near the end of its useful life.

If you have to take it out to clean it, you might consider replacing it. The low-end models are only about $80 (and all the way up to $200!) at Home Depot. I just replaced mine last month.

Hope this helps
- John

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