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Posted by Tim on January 29, 19101 at 16:38:15:
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Thanks for the reply:

I believe the plumber referenced the installation guide prior to hooking up the cooktop. The pipe under the house is the same diameter as the one that supplies the furnace, fireplace, etc.(don't know the diameter - 1/2 inch maybe?). The tie-in line under the house is approx. 8 - 10 feet from the cooktop(furnace line is MUCH farther) with a 4 foot flex hose making the final connection. To be honest, I don't know the BTU rating, but since my post I have spoken with Amana and run a test at my house. I shut off every other gas appliance and turned on the cooktop - same flame results. I then gradually turned on all other gas appliances and activated them - no change in burners. That logically tells me that - as you said - it is either supply line or regulator in the cooktop. I spoke with Amana and they agreed it probably wasn't a pressure issue and they are sending out a guy on Thursday. I guess my thinking still tells me that it is the regulator, as there is only a fixed amount of gas getting throught no matter what state the rest of the gas appliances are in. Any thoughts on my logic? (or lack thereof) Tim

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