Re: tub liner vs refinishing tub
Posted by Marty on January 29, 19101 at 15:37:21:
In response to Re: tub liner vs refinishing tub
Good question!! If I had to choose between the two, I would go with the acrylic liner. The bottom line is, if the installation of the liner or the tub refinishing is poor, what difference does it make which way you go? I know from experience, I've seen some refinishing jobs go bad when the new paint/enamal starts to bubble and peel. With the liner however, the beauty is that the colour of the liner goes right through the liner, not just on the serface. This means that if the liner gets scratched it can be buffed out fairly easily. Even chips can be repaired like new again.
But like I said earlier, if the initial installation is subpar, you're no further ahead.

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