Gas Cooktop Pressure
Posted by Tim Kline on January 29, 19101 at 11:52:11:
We just had an Amana cooktop installed which our plumber connected to an existing gas line outlet located under the cooktop(the previous cooktop was electric). After installation, we tested the burners and found that the first burner lit fine and had good flame shape and color. When lighting successive burners, the original burner flame would decrease in size significantly(color was still good), so by the time all burners were lit, they all had EXTREMELY low flames. The plumber and I thought it must be the regulator for the cooktop. Amana service came out and said it had to be a lack of gas pressure causing this and to have the line pressure tested by the gas company. I called the gas company and they only do pressure tests if there is evidence of a leak in the lines and said to contact a plumber and have them pressure test with mercury gauges; problem is, nobody has these any more because of the outlaw of mercury in our area.

Our house has gas furnace, water heater, dryer and cooktop. It seems to me that if it was a pressure issue, I could turn off the furnace(electric ignition) and water heater and the cooktop should operate fine because it is the only thing operating using gas. Is this logical or does gas not work that way? So my thought would be back to the cooktop regulator, but to be honest, I don't know how the regulator works and what the symptoms would be if it was not the right size or adjusted properly. Can anyone help before I throw more phone calls and money at the situation?

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