Re: crack in ceramic jacuzzi/discolored faucets
Posted by hj on January 29, 19101 at 07:52:28:
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Brass faucets, unless they were replated, usually corrode to a black or brass surface. The door is aluminum and that is what you are seeing. The early finishes were fairly fragile and scrubbing with harsh cleaners accelerated the failure. The new finishes are guaranteed for life, but that does not mean they will last that long. Your best option is to replace the faucets with new ones. The door will be cheaper to replace than to disassemble it and have it replated.
: We built our home in l994 and the builder supplied a beautiful, ceramic jacuzzi with Delta brass finish faucets and drain stop. The faucets are quickly becoming discolored, in some places chrome is showing through. The drain stop is an ugly chrome. Recently, I was cleaning the tub when I heard a loud crack - looking down I noticed a hairline crack going around the circumference of the tub. Can this be repaired? Can anything be done to restore the finish to these delta faucets? Even the bottom part of the brass finish shower door is turning chrome-like. Our house is only 6 l/2 years old! Help!

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