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Posted by hj on January 27, 19101 at 09:02:22:
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If by the phrase, "My toilet can be installed right over an existing sewer line", you mean over a floor drain opening, then the toilet is not going to flush. The most recent incident like that that ran into, was when then customer installed a new 1.6 gpf low boy toilet and it did not flush, but the old 3.5 did. When I checked it, I found that they had installed it over a floor drain. The 3.5 had enough pressure and water volume to force its way through the trap, the 1.6 didn't. I had to reinstall the 3.5 and he was stuck with the expensive 1.6 one piece that the dealer would not accept back since it had been installed. As far as the shower, cutting the floor is the better way, unless you want to raise the shower floor the 8" that a trap would require. The "cheapest and least time consuming" ways are invariably the most expensive in the long run.

: Hi Terry,
: I am planning on putting a bathroom downstairs in my basement. My toilet can be installed right over an existing sewer line, the problem i have is that I want to install a corner tub and a standup shower and was wondering how i should do the drainage. Will I have to cut into the slab or do i have enough room to raise the floor. Which will be cheaper and less time consuming?. I would really appreciate any advice that you can offer. Your site rock's, keep up the good work. I tell all my friends about your website.

: Thank you,
: Darrin Power
: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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