Re: How to identify tub faucet for replacement cartridge ??????
Posted by CM on January 25, 19101 at 16:20:49:
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The fact that the handles have a nylon adapter on the stem could mean that they are not the original handles - I wouldn't try to identify replacement cartridges by the handle style. You best bet is to grit your teeth and shut off the water supply to the house, remove the cartridges, and take them to a good plumbing supply house (you'll have better luck here than at a Home Depot) to find replacements. While you have the water shut off, it would also be a great idea to put in some isolation valves.

: Our new (to us)house has a two handle tub and shower faucet that I need to replace the cartridge in.
: There are not shut-offs so I don't want to remove with-out replacement parts on hand.No visable markings anywhere to be seen.Only unique feature is the handles.
: They are chrome plated,SOLID metal(very heavy)the size and shape of a door knob.There are ten(10)notches on the outer perimeter for gripping and three(3)lugs on inside to engage nylon adapter on stem.We have two lavatory faucets w/ matching handles.Best estimate is at least 10 years old,but house was built 29 years ago.
: Thanks in advance. Steve

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