How to identify tub faucet for replacement cartridge ??????
Posted by steve mcclure on January 25, 19101 at 10:38:52:
Our new (to us)house has a two handle tub and shower faucet that I need to replace the cartridge in.
There are not shut-offs so I don't want to remove with-out replacement parts on hand.No visable markings anywhere to be seen.Only unique feature is the handles.
They are chrome plated,SOLID metal(very heavy)the size and shape of a door knob.There are ten(10)notches on the outer perimeter for gripping and three(3)lugs on inside to engage nylon adapter on stem.We have two lavatory faucets w/ matching handles.Best estimate is at least 10 years old,but house was built 29 years ago.
Thanks in advance. Steve