Re: odor from bathtub drain
Posted by CM on January 24, 19101 at 19:15:02:
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: I rent a house in which there is a bad odor that only comes out of the bathtub drain. I've read about hydrogen sulfide (sour gas that smells like rotten eggs). Any thoughts on solving this problem. Several plummers have been contacted-to no avail. My only choice is to move out!!

The probable cause is that the P-trap below the tub drain either leaks or (worse) is not there at all. Make sure that the trap stays full of water. If you don't use the tub often, run some water into it periodically to make sure it stays sealed with water.

Contact your landlord about this problem and make sure that it is fixed. Sewer gas can make you ill (as I'm sure you've discovered) and can be explosive if allowed to accumulate.

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