installing toilet.
Posted by domenic on January 23, 19101 at 21:48:46:
i am wondering if you can tell me if i am installing this toilet far what i have done is to connect a three inch plastic pipe into 4 inch cast iron pipe under cement floor. this cast iron pipe comes down from my second floor and goes up through roof. the 3 inch plastic pipe is about 16 feet away from this vent stack. i think i have three options . one is to put in new vent stack for toilet. second is to bring back two inch pipe back to main vent stacks.
what i would like is if you can give me your advice on my third option. what i have done is connected a y with a two inch branch on this toilet pipe. this pipe
continues for about 1 foot and curves up for toilet.the two inch branch continues for about 6 inches and then there is another y that branches to two inch.the two inch pipe continues straight in wall, rises about five feet makes loop and continues back into the other part of two inch y, that then goes in the three inch pipe of toilet. i then would connect a pipe in that loop for a sink that is beside toilet. i don,t really know much of concept on venting, but would this loop be okay for venting purposes of toilet and sink.would the air coming from the three inch pipe from the main stack and going to that loop be okay for the proper function of toilet and sink. sorry for all this detail but i hope you can help me out on this.

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