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Posted by John Scates on January 23, 19101 at 19:49:02:
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hj is right about saving your breath. This topic has been hotly debated for years, and those "in control" have dug their heels in for good.

I recently helped a family with a problem similar to yours. They were having to have a full roto-rooter job done every 3 months or so to clear the waste lines under their home. Clearly, this was becoming very expensive. We found that the toilet adjustments inside the tank had been set up in the absolute minimum settings. With some tinkering, we about doubled the amount of water per flush. Suggestions:

1. If the water level/float can be adjusted, do it. Set the water to fill as much of the tank as possible, right up to the top of the overflow tube.

2. Check the flapper design. The one that this family had was actually adjustable (had a styrofoam ring on it) which could be moved to adjust how long it stayed open. If yours is not adjustable, Fluidmaster makes a flapper with a "cup" that holds it open longer. I know that Home Depot has these - there may be other places as well.

By increasing the amount of water in the tank before each flush, and then keeping the drain open as long as possible before the flapper drops back down can increase the water-per-flush slightly.

Short of these changes, the other comments about cheap (read "builder model") toilets are often true. The better quality models usually do not have these problems.

Hope this helps.

- John

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