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Posted by hj on January 23, 19101 at 00:50:39:
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The answer could be yes to any of your questions since you do not know which type of flange you have.

: I have a toilet that was installed too close to the wall 12"(instead of 15") and the adjacent lavatory. This was done by the previous owner, and is very awkward right now. I would like to replace it with an Eljer corner unit. It just so happens that the flange is 12" from both walls :-) , which is ideal for a corner unit. Although, I don't have to move the flange (this is a lucky coincidence!,the bolts will have to be rotated in order to install the new toilet at 45 degrees. What is involved in doing this? Does the flange have to be replaced? Or can the existing flange be rotated in place? Are the the bolt locations adjustable ? I have not yet removed the existing toilet, and would like to know what I'm getting into vis a vis rotating the flange. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

: Jeff

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