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Posted by hj on October 30, 1998 at 09:17:32:
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The wax ring sets on the flange and fills the space between it and the toilet. The system was designed so that a flange can be a little ways above the floor and there will still be adequate sealing with the wax ring. Dry fit and shim the toilet before installing it with the wax ring, because it will not seal properly if the toilet is lifted after the initial seal is made. You must glue it, and you should also screw it down but that is not always done unless the pipe is not rigid.

: I have cut my 3" PVC drain line flush with the finished floor and will be installing the toilet flange. I have a few questions:
: 1) I noticed that when dry fitting the flange the underside of the flange still sits about 1/8" above the finsished floor due to a step on the underside of the flange. I am concerned that when the toilet is installed with the wax ring it will rest more than an 1/8" above the floor. How much will the wax ring increase the gap? I can shim the toilet to be level but will I then have to lay in a large bead of caulk to seal? Will the flange potentially break due to the 1/8" gap? Should I shim under the flange also?
: 2) When installing the flange should I solvent weld and screw to the floor or is one or the other acceptable?

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