Black 'gunk' in hot water tank
Posted by Marlene on January 22, 19101 at 14:17:34:
A few months ago we had a timer malfunction on our water treatment system (iron removal and softener)and it activated itself while we were using a lot of water. We drew treatment chemical (potassium permanganate) and, we assumed, some of the packing from one of the units up into our household water treatment system. For a period of time we ran untreated water in our house due to the treatment system being out for repair. Once we were back online with the system things seemed to be okay, then we developed an odor from the water coming from our hot water tank. I assumed that we had anerobic bacteria in the hot water tank and the odor was hydrogen sulfide.

A couple days ago I gave the water system a chlorine treatment and that cleaned up the odor, but the water took on a yellowish tinge. I thought it might be iron build-up in the tank and so gave is a subsequent treatment with an iron removal chemical (brand name of 'Super Iron Out') That got rid of the yellow color, but what I've been seeing instead is small black 'particles' that I thought was part of the solids that may have gotten sucked up into the system during the earlier mishap with the timers. These particles are actually not solid because they smudge when rubbed between your fingers. Any idea what they are and what the most effective means would be to get rid of them for good?

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