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Posted by Leo on January 22, 19101 at 12:55:34:
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: You say the traps appear OK, but it sounds like a classic case of a leaking trap. Make sure that the traps are retaining water. Home mad scientist method: if you can't see into the trap through the drain with a flashlight, take an aquarium air pump (a tire pump air compressor will do but it may be too noisy) and feed the discharge tube down into the drain. If you can't hear bubbles when the hose end is at the bottom of the trap, it is dry.

: I use the shower and the sink everyday, so there should be plenty of water in the trap. I even sealed duct tape in the shower drain and still was able to smell the odor in the bathroom after an hour. I checked around the base of the toilet and sink pipes again for possible leaks and odor smell, finding nothing. Also, I checked under the house for possible leaks and dead animals, but found nothing too.

: : There's a foul odor in my bathroom which I have not been able to locate its origin. This only started a couple of weeks ago. At first I thought it was from the toilet sewer lines. I resealed the toilet with a wax sealant and placed silicon around the base of the toilet. After about a day, the odor was still there. I checked the sink and shower drains to see if they were coming from there by plugging the drain and placing duct tape run-off valve. The smell went away for a day and thought this was where the smell was coming from, so I cleaned it with bleach, liquid plummer and hot water. This didn't work because I could still smell the odor after a couple of hours. I checked around the toilet for leaks and odor around the base, but couldn't find anything. The water trap for the toilet and sink look okay.

: : Any suggetion.
: : Need help...odor is unbearable.

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