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Posted by Marlene on January 22, 19101 at 12:15:56:
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What is this rod and why would removing it take out the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odour of the water? We have recently acquired this odour and I made the assumption that since we draw water from a well and for a time had to bypass out treatment system, organics got into the hotwater tank and what I was smelling was the product of anaerobic bacteria. I got rid of this odour by putting chlorine through the system. However, I now seem to have a colour problem with the water. There is a slight yellowish cast to the hot water that isn't there with the cold water. Any ideas why and how I'd address it?

: That fixes the problem 99% of the time.

: : In asking other people`s idea on water having an odor, one person suggested "take the rod out of the hot water heater" and there would not be any rotten egg odor.Is this truth or fiction? Our water "stinks"

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